Thursday, January 18, 2007

the collective

Perhaps it is only our own arrogance that somehow convinces us that there is a massive panel of judgers and watchers out there, examining each move we make, charting it and comparing it to where (we think) they think we should be, and ultimately shaking their heads in disapproval. It is foolhardy to waste energy second-guessing our decisions as if the rest of the world has time to worry about us instead of themselves; as if there is a collective measure of our own achievements that matters or exists; as if any of the scrutiny we imagine to be focused upon us isn't projected onto our unsuspecting friends by ourselves.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A man after my own heart.

I'm convinced that I'm a Skeptic. In this article from Wired, they dicuss the long-standing million dollar challenge to prove that psychic ability exists.

Here's an excerpt:

"Ten years after stage magician and avowed skeptic James Randi first offered a seven-figure payday to anyone capable of demonstrating paranormal phenomenon under scientific scrutiny, the 79-year-old clear-eyed curmudgeon is revising the rules of his nonprofit foundation's Million Dollar Challenge to better target high-profile charlatans, and spend less time on unknown psychics, who too often turn out to be delusional instead of deceptive."

I need to join the Skeptics, I think. I've always believed so-called "paranormal activity" to be bunk. These TV psychics are hucksters and swindlers preying on people's fragile emotions.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Proof that the Universe is finally starting to revolve around me...

I discovered this site when a commenter on another blog posted a short comment linking to it. Naturally, I took the bait and checked out the site. It's called "Project Shane," and in the words of creator Shane Sevo: "Project Shane is the attempt of one Shane to understand the current collective climate of Shane energy." Awesome.

I can help you understand, Shane. The collective Shane energy is hott with two T's. It borders on radioactive. And most of us rule at geekery. And beer drinking. Oh, and sarcasm. We especially rule at that.