Sunday, November 12, 2006

democrats: don't you fucking DARE play nice

It's only a few days in, and they haven't even taken their oaths, but I sure hope all this "we're going to play nice and be bi-partisan love buddies with the white house" talk from the Democrats is just a bunch of talk, especially on Iraq and the staggering amount of cronyism and corruption inherent to this administration.

Witness AMERICAblog:
The last thing Democrats need is to hand George Bush some bipartisan approbation of his failed Iraq policy so that, in the future, he can say we all own Iraq, warts and all. We all don't own Iraq, it's his disaster, his failed state. And nothing we try is going to work because it's already too late - Iraq is lost. Bush had his chance, and he failed.
(Emphasis mine.) This is exactly right. Bush has made it very clear that those of us who didn't support his failed Iraq war or subscribe to his binary world view (worship him or love terrorists) that we don't deserve to participate in our national conversation. Well, the voters in America just gave Bush and his Republican enablers a big fuck you, and the Democrats better be aware of that and act accordingly. Especially on Iraq. One of the countless reasons Kerry was such a terrible choice to challenge Bush in 2004, and one of the most significant, was his incomprehensible need to "me too" everything Bush said on Iraq.

Democrats have a massive mandate to change our country's course, including Iraq, corruption, and the abandonment of congressional oversight by the Republican Rubberstamp Congress of the last few years.

They'd better not fuck this up with a lot of bullshit Liebermanesque bi-partisanship. Americans expect some fucking investigations and some fucking accountability. George W. Bush broke Iraq, so he bought it. The Democrats had better not make it easy for him to make them (and the rest of us) pay to clean up his fucking mess.