Wednesday, July 25, 2012

hey, shut up now

Do you know that there are people who are so programmed to take the contrary side of an argument, that they will defend a killer just to disagree? I recently wrote a piece that essentially said, "We should not necessarily look for justification for these murders in the influences and organizations that the killer was affiliated with. Sometimes, it's as simple and horrific as a broken, insane person murdering people because he can." A couple of people actually defended this lunatic, telling me that calling him insane was as much a label as calling him a christian, muslim, republican, democrat, etc. No, FUCKHEADS, it's not. I don't care which definition of INSANE you choose to use, any person who walks into a theater filled with innocent, defenseless people and opens fire with an assault rifle is FUCKING INSANE. There is no debate, no room for discussion, and no goddamn defending him. Do you even hear yourselves, you gigantic contrary assholes? It's okay to just shut your fucking mouths on something if the alternative is arguing in defense of a murderer. Dicks.


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