Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the real victims are the conservatives

When I was covering the war in Iraq, we reporters would sometimes tune to Fox News and watch, mystified, as it purported to describe how Iraqis loved Americans. Such coverage (backed by delusional Journal editorials baffling to anyone who was actually in Iraq) misled conservatives about Iraq from the beginning. In retrospect, the real victims of Fox News weren't the liberals it attacked but the conservatives who believed it.
(Emphasis mine.) I hadn't thought of it this way, but it makes sense to me, now. A few years ago there was a study which revealed that people who used Fox as their primary news source were the most misinformed people in America. That's really sad and frustrating, but what's really scary is that those same people were the most strident in their belief that they were correct, and everyone else was wrong. Even when these people were presented with copious evidence to the contrary, they maintained and fiercely defended their erroneous beliefs.

Of course, virtually all of those people voted Republican.


Blogger Naila J. said...

I totally agree. Fox is great for primetime (and even then, they're kinda lacking), but as a news source... So totally not.

However, I think it's equally sad that people believe CNN is good, unbiased news. Because while CNN is better that FOX, it's only slightly better than Fox, in my honest opinion.

It's especially bad when people tell me, "I don't watch FOX News. I ONLY watch CNN", which ends up being the exact same thing.

All in all, 1 news source = bad bad bad

6:55 PM  
Blogger Wil Wheaton said...

On the cruise, we got CNN International for several days. It was an incredible, informative, unbiased, non-celebrity obsessed news source. Then we got back into the US, and the feed switched back to regular CNN. Man, what a useless pile of crap that network is.

7:19 PM  
Blogger originalpupdog said...

How sad is it that both networks do what they do because that's what people watch, and therefore advertisers pay, and so more of the same is done? American media is a lovely catch22, and very rarely do you see anyone try and break out of it...

8:11 AM  
Blogger wayne said...

People have tried to launch "good news only" newspapers and TV shows, but all have failed. Human nature is what it is.

2:33 PM  
Blogger KFarmer said...

Everytime I try to watch the news there are so many holes in the stories I wonder just what is the truth? I think they all just tell and show us what they want to. I guess it depends on who owns the station. I'll even go so far as to say the newspapers are the same. One says one thing, and another says something else. Where is the truth? Does anybody know?

8:25 AM  

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