Monday, June 12, 2006

some people are never happy

I really wanted to attend YearlyKos, but alas, my schedule didn't permit. I guess Mark Warner, a possible Democratic contender for president, was very high-profile at the event, and some people (usually people who have sworn a blood oath to another candidate) are really complaining about it.

Markos made a great rebuttal to their complaints, that comes down to this: don't bitch when politicians ignore us (in the netroots) and then complain when they do pay attention to us.

This prompted John in DC to write a list at AMERICAblog, that concludes with the following points, which are very useful and should be remembered by anyone who has to deal with grumpy whinebags:
  • Fourth, some people are never happy.
  • Fifth, someone is always going to be unhappy, so sometimes you just have to say "whatever."
  • Sixth, just because someone complains doesn't make them right.
  • And seventh, just because someone complains loudly doesn't make them representative of anyone more than themselves.


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