Wednesday, June 14, 2006

AOL-Netscape Launches Massive "Digg-Killer"

On Thursday, AOL's Netscape property will no longer be just another portal - it's being converted into a Digg-killer.
I wouldn't call this a Digg killer, at all. This isn't a zero-sum situation where Digg must fail for Netscape News to succeed, or vice versa. If you're in ad sales, of it you have some personal vendetta against one company or the other, I guess you could view it that way, but from a user standpoint, what's the big deal?

Complaining about the interface is a little silly, too. Clearly, Digg is doing something right, if another site wants to use a similar design, because that makes it _easier_for_the_users_. How is that a bad thing?

Ultimately, the users will go where they're happiest, and where they feel their time is best invested. For some, that will be Digg; for others, it will be Netscape News. I suspect that, for most, it will be a combination of them both.

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Blogger leathej1 said...

Won't the difference really be where the interesting people go? I mean, I like Digg because interesting people digg it, not because of the interface. I cannot imagine an AOL news portal having contributors who are all that good at finding news.

I personally think this will end up like MSN - news for the vacuum-headed. Like these thought-provoking gems:

- Best family beaches
- Fighting spam, junk mail & sales calls
- Romance advice: Too much too soon?
- Best guy grooming spots in 19 cities
- Cheap garden ideas

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