Monday, June 19, 2006

reprehensible, but not ignorable

Greenwald on Malkin, Coulter, Limbaugh, et al:
It would be nice and all if we had a political culture where extremists and those who traffic in character smears in lieu of substantive political arguments could simply be ignored, so that they would disappear. But the reality is the opposite. Our political dialogue, especially over the last five years, has been shaped primarily by those who specialize in demonizing political opponents as fringe lunatics, depicting disagreement as treason, and deliberately papering over complexities in order to spew misleading political slogans designed to propagandize rather than persuade. The lesson of the Swift Boat debacle, more than anything else, was that to ignore those individuals and those tactics is the best thing one can do . . . for them. It is surprising how many people seem not to have learned that lesson.


Blogger wayne said...

Good post. And I must say that President Bush has done a fantastic job of ignoring the people who call him a mass-murderer and "The biggest terrorist in the world"

7:05 AM  

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