Thursday, May 04, 2006

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I'd just like to point out that I've been saying Tom Cruise is a talentless hack who plays one note (plus the obligatory random yelling) in everything he's ever done since Risky Business.

I was not fooled by Born on the Fourth of July and A Few Good Men and Rainman were tolerable in spite of Tom Cruise, thanks to brilliant performances by real actors like Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Bacon, and Jack Nicholson.

Finally, some mainstream journalists are starting to point out that the emperor has no clothes, (but a whole lot of body thetans). Chris Ayres, for The Times Online, on MI:III:
It's as dumb as a bag of cement mix, for a start. Then there's Cruise, who is turning into a kind of 21st Century David Hasselhoff, only cheesier. Like many others, I can no longer believe Tom Cruise as any other character than Tom Cruise.
Ayres, no doubt still suffering from a post-screening Stockolm Syndrome, says, "As for the Tom Cruise movie star franchise, I fear that MI-III marks the beginning of its obsolescence."

This is nothing to be feared, Chris. This is to be welcomed, just as I welcome you into the very small-but-not-too-secret community of People Who Know Tom Cruise Sucks Out Loud (PWKTCSOL.)

Oh, and don't pin this on J.J. Abrahmas. There's only so much he can do with a hack who thinks he knows everything about acting and what is undoubtedly a script that's passed through several $cientologists for vetting or some such nonsense.

via LA Observed)


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