Tuesday, May 02, 2006

emergency landing

Why is it that I am riveted by the live coverage of stories like this:

Plane with blown tire circles airport


HOUSTON -- A Continental Express plane blew at least one tire upon takeoff on Tuesday and circled the airport before trying to land.

The plane tried to land once at Bush Intercontinental Airport but was waved off so officials could assess the damage and the plane could burn fuel, said Continental Express spokeswoman Kristy Nicholas.

Continental spokeswoman Sarah Anthony said the Minneapolis-bound plane carried 45 passengers and a crew of three.

The airport got the call about the tire about 4:25 p.m., said spokesman Richard Fernandez. Other airport operations continued normally.

*Update: It landed without incident. I wonder if there is a morbid fascination with the chance of disaster that we all share. As I held my breath watching the landing live on TV, I wanted nothing more than an uneventful landing. Still, in places we don't like to talk about, is there any chance that a part of us secretly hopes for tragedy? Is there a part of us hungry for something shocking, if only to flex the emotions of grief and horror? I hope not, but I wonder.


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