Saturday, April 29, 2006

21st century digital boy

I got ktorrent working on bender, so i can get all those awesome wilco and soul coughing shows that doesn't have, yet.

It brings up an interesting morality issue for me: i buy Lost on iTMS, plus I watch it on TV, and I own Season One on DVD, plus I plan to buy Season Two when it comes out. So surely I can download episodes to put onto dvd now, so I can share it with my parents, who missed much of the beginning of this season, right? What's the difference between me doing that, and my brother putting it onto VHS or DVD or something from TiVo?

But here's something less ambiguous: what if I wanted to get Some Great Reward? I bought the tape when it came out a million years ago, then I bought (and subsequently lost) the CD about ten years ago. Is there a significant difference to DM if I ask Darin to loan me his CD so I can rip it and make my own, and getting it off bittorrent? I've already paid for it -- twice no less -- so is it that big a deal?


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