Sunday, March 26, 2006

Malcom, Meet Dr. Franknfurter

Via Slice of Sci-Fi:

Midnight Marathon for Serenity/Firefly - Slice of SciFi
Midnight Marathon for Serenity/Firefly

This Friday, March 31st, beginning at 11:55PM PT a Serenity and Firefly Marathon will begin at the Del Mar Theater in Santa Cruz, California.

Serenity will be featured as a midnight movie and will be followed by eight episodes of Firefly, the television series which will run into April 1st (Saturday morning).

Just picture it, Browncoats coming dressed in character, getting up on the stage in front of the screen acting out the parts, the audience yelling back the lines of the movie and TV show to the big screen....This may well catch on across the globe and what the midnight madness cult following did for "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" could very well happen with Serenity/Firefly.
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