Wednesday, March 22, 2006

where was this al gore in 2000?

I remember, during the 2000 presidential campaign, that I shamefully believed Ralph Nader when he said there was no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. I also knew that California was going to go solidly for Gore, so I could use my vote to "send a message."

When I look at the world today, and I see how George Bush and the Republican-controlled congress have utterly and completely fucked everything up, I wish I'd voted for Gore. Yes, I voted against Bush, but I didn't endorse Gore, either, which in retrospect was a real shame.

He ran a terrible campaign, listened to all the wrong consultants, chose the biggest douchebag in the universe as his running mate, paid for Clinton's sins, and was unfairly pigeon-holed by a totally fucked-up media. (For a solid, insightful, and damning account of the media narrative regarding candidates Bush and Gore, see The Daily Howler.) But he was still the clearly more qualified, intelligent, thoughtful of the two, and there is no doubt in my mind at all that we'd be in much better shape as a country, and as a planet, if the Supreme Court hadn't awarded the election to Dear Leader King George W. Bush.

One of the reasons most often cited by people who lean Democratic, but didn't vote for Gore, or who thought Bush was a douche but voted for him anyway (thanks a lot, morans) was that Gore was "too stiff" or "not likeable enough" (because those are such important qualities, right? Thanks for giving us all the president you deserved)

Al Gore let Spike Jonze follow him and Tipper (who I will never forgive for the PMRC) around to produce a 13-minute documentary right before the election. Gore's consultants killed the result, and it's been nearly impossible to find, until today.

Thanks to DailyKos diarist archibaldtuttle, I just watched the documentary on Google Video. I can see why a fearful and overly-careful consultant would prevent this from getting out -- the media and Karl Rove would have taken the whole thing out of context and done a serious hatchet-job on Gore . . . but I don't think it would have mattered. I think this video would have shone a bright and enlightening light onto Al Gore, and it would have swayed a lot of fence-sitting voters.

If you'd like a clear contrast between the two candidates, watch this 13-minute documentary, then watch Alexandra Pelosi's Journeys With George. The difference between the two men is striking.

Well, between the man and the pile of entitled fratboy shit poured into Karl Rove's Presidential Mold Machine.

I doubt Gore will run again, and I doubt that he'd win if he did. But if John "I lost to the worst president in history" Kerry has the nerve to throw his hat in the ring, I'll be signing up to work on the Gore campaign.

As long as they promise not to hire any fear-based, reactionary, inside-the-beltway consultants.

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