Tuesday, March 21, 2006

links schminks

I was going to link to a few sites at WWdN:iX, but as I prepared to post, I realized I had another opportunity to fool around with Performancing.

Check out how cool this is. I can just open a few sites in tabs, then I can ctl-click (right click if you have it), select "Performancing" in the resulting menu, and choose "blog this." It will automagically add a link to the page, using the page title.

Por Eejemplo:

CoolTechZone.com - Garmin International: Affordable GPS Debuts
If you're a geocaching enthusiast, or just want to know exactly how many minutes it will take to arrive at your destination, you need a GPS device. Unfortunately, the really cool ones have been pretty pricey . . . until now. For $250 bucks, the eTrex Venture Cx from Garmin is a great buy.

Iraqi diplomat gave U.S. prewar WMD details - Lisa Myers the NBC Investigative Unit - MSNBC.com
I'm sure the liberal media will be all over this story, and an informed and outraged population will rise up to hold Dear Leader Bush accountable.

Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches
Well, duh. Welcome to the reality-based community. Actually, it's about time someone other than Keith Olbermann pointed this sort of thing out.

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