Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I went deep and cashed in the WCOOP!

So yesterday, I played in the Pot-limit Omaha high-low split event in the WCOOP at PokerStars.

1303 people entered, many of them the very best PLO/8 players in the world.

Somehow, I managed to play smart, get lucky a couple of times, not get unlucky a couple of times, and finished 70th.

Holy shit. I finished 70th out of 1303 players, many of them the best in the world.

If I hadn't suffered a really bad beat by a hand I had completely dominated pre-flop, I probably could have finished in the 30s. even included my finish in its coverage of the event:
Actor Wil Wheaton also made it past the bubble in the tournament, landing himself a 70th place payday of $742.71.
Even though I've made it very, very deep in events before (top 20%, including 40th at a Legends of Poker preliminary event this year) it's been in events where 10% makes the money, so this was my first tournament cash. More than the money it put into my pocket (which is going directly into the fix up the house fund, with a little skimmed off the top to buy some new CDs) it took a Prove To Everyone That I Deserve To Be On Team PokerStars monkey off my back that was starting to dig its claws into my brains pretty deep.

So I'm skipping around just a little bit today.

Okay, a whole lot.

Okay, the most.




Blogger wayne said...


Top 6%... Hope the next one is top 1%!

3:25 PM  
Blogger April said...

Congrats Wil!!!!

3:28 PM  

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