Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Losing the War on Terror

Washington Post, Via The Agonist:

In North and South Waziristan, the tribal regions along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, an alliance of extremist groups that includes al-Qaeda, Pakistani and Afghan Taliban, Central Asians, and Chechens has won a significant victory against the army of Pakistan. The army, which has lost some 800 soldiers in the past three years, has retreated, dismantled its checkpoints, released al-Qaeda prisoners and is now paying large "compensation" sums to the extremists.

This region, considered "terrorism central" by U.S. commanders in Afghanistan, is now a fully operational al-Qaeda base area offering a wide range of services, facilities, and military and explosives training for extremists around the world planning attacks.

Man, it is so super awesome that Bush pulled soldiers out of Afghanistan and stopped the hunt to eradicate al-Qaeda so he could have that war in Iraq that's going so well! Heckuva job, George!


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