Saturday, May 13, 2006


Shane and I were at Commerce Casino playing NLHE about four months ago. There was an Asian guy in his mid-30s at our table, who just couldn't catch a break; he was out-drawn several times in a few hours, and he eventually got up and moved to a different table that was still close to where we were sitting.

Fifteen or twenty minutes after he moved, we heard him shouting "Ten Q! Ten Q!" as he stood up and pointed at the table where the flop presumably had just been dealt.

I looked over, and assumed that he had flopped a draw, and needed a ten or a queen to complete his straight, but I figured out very quickly that he was actually shouting "thank you" to a woman who had called his kings with nines, and they were both all-in. He was deleriously happy that she'd called him with a toatlly dominated hand, and he was going to get close to unstuck on the night.

There were two clubs on the board, she had a club in her hand, and she caught running cards to make a four-card flush. The poor guy, who had made such good decisions while he was playing, and had just gotten really unlucky, was just crushed.

Since that day, when Shane or I get outdrawn or get really unlucky (in poker or not) one of us will say, "TenQ."


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