Wednesday, May 17, 2006


i just finished a 3500 word story for the onion av club about e3 and guitar hero ii that took me the better part of a week to write (longer than anything of this length has ever taken.)

holy shit, am i exhausted. i know it sounds weird, but i feel physically tired, like i've used all this energy up and i need to take a nap.

i've been a real bitch the last week or so, while i work on getting my stories in daily to sg news, try to write material for wwdn:ix that's worth the time to read (gave up on that, hence three things in the last several days, only one of which is any good) and contribute to cardsquad.

i think my bitchiness has crept into my card game, too. i'm playing the worst poker i've played in over a year, talking myself into fishy calls that i know i shouldn't make, or pushing all my chips in on a draw (up and down or nut flush on the flop, usually) and not getting there, mostly because i've been so tired and stressed out by the enormity of this story for the av club that i just say, "aw, fuck it," and shove in. it's cost me more than i'll get paid for my story, which is pretty fucking stupid.

now that i'm done, and i can relax and catch my breath, i'm taking myself out for sushi tonight.

tomorrow, i hope to post about free comic book day, kyle + rosemary, and legion of super heroes.

starting tonight, i vow to spend less time online, less time playing poker, and more time reading books, listening to music, exercising, and enjoying the things in life that are worth enjoying -- it's just not worth it to be tied to the fucking computer all day, every day.


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Blogger Katrina said...

I know the feeling... I'm about 12 hours past deadline for my column for this week, yet I'm sitting here catching up on some blogs and email instead of finishing it. My brain is so fried from the day as it is, I just have issues putting any creative juices into it and trying give my editor anything of quality beyond my pre-canned 'lots of people, lots of hors d'oeuvres, it was fabulous."

I just try to look at the positive aspects... like one of these days, if I ever get time between deadlines, I need to finish a story on geocaching and one on girl-friendly-geek-gadgets that are both passions of mine, and have been approved to write about. THOSE I'll pour my heart into, but its getting to them thats the hard part. in the mean time, the heart, soul, and sweat goes into the filler.

I hope that with all your guitar hero passion, you at least enjoyed the writing, even if it burnt you out.

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