Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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I started my job today that's going to take me through most of 2006. I've had several false starts with this particular job and a couple of reprieves when it came to an actual start date, but today is EoH-Day: End of Hiatus Day 1.

I am relieved.

As fun as it can be to have zero work commitments for a few months, it also gets very boring. I know what you're thinking.

"I could make it work."

You're probably right. You'd love it at first. No reason to get up early; no meetings to dread; no stress about pending projects or office drama; no conflict.

You know what they say about "no conflict?" It's boring. It's peaceful and simple, but it's boring as hell.

"Why don't you just work on your own stuff?"

I'm lazy. I'm not proud of it, but I could outlaze Homer Simpson in a Homer Simpson versus the Teamsters laze-off. I get more done when my schedule is full than I do when my schedule is empty. Work begets work. I like to think of gearing back up at a new job as the equivalent of going back to the gym after a long time away: It sucks at first, but then it feels good. And then you get conditioned and you can do more, without excuses. With no time for excuses.

(and then eventually, it will suck again)

And so, I'm back with my feet cemented into a TV Producer's world. It is a world like most of corporate America's: Take-Out for lunch, meetings and office supplies, interoffice memos and intraoffice tension and camaraderie, deadlines and pressure, relief and frustration, a rollercoaster of energy that only matters to the people involved. It is not important work, but it is interesting work. It is a world eerily similar to the world I spent years dodging in the name of art and being an artist.

As it turns out, those things two are often closer than they are removed from each other. Or perhaps the two have merely merged in my mind.

I burn the candle at both ends as I try to do it all at once.


Blogger leathej1 said...

Me - I am perfectly content to take 3 months at a time to just do yard work. That time will begin anew as soon as I am out in Chandler, AZ. Though, there won't be a yard. And no work.

But this time is not idle. Keep looking over your shoulder - this voiceover guy is slowly treading toward voice acting. Starting with local Phoenix studios that are aligned with my Albany studio, my schmoozing will be laying the tracks to the coast.

4:21 AM  

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