Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is seriously the greatest place to post "under the radar" entries. Wil's corpse is shriveled in the corner of this old blog, but that's not going to stop me from braindumping here. I'm doing that improv show I mentioned a couple of posts ago (scroll down). I'm scared shitless to get back onstage after so long away. And yet, who gives a fuck, really? That's the philosophy to really take with you through life. Worried about what someone might think? Who gives a fuck, really? Afraid you said something awkward? Who gives a fuck, really? Scared of failing? Who gives a ratfuck, really? Do it. Fail. It's okay. Risk it. Ignore the voice. Live loudly.


Blogger Claire said...

I recently grokked that when I stop beating myself up for my flaws/failures/shortcomings, am instead compassionate with myself--viewing the whole rather than scrutinizing stray negative bits, it's much easier to take risks. Still need to get better at it as it's awesome and freeing, but I've made a definite start.

Break a leg, Shane!

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