Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brand X

I'm doing a show for old time's sake. It's an improv show I created several years ago, with some then unknown talent. Some of these folks have gone on to be...well...I guess, known. To me, they are still my old friends from the grimy improv days, when we used to do a 40 minute show called BRAND "X." Jessica Makinson wanted to do a three week reunion run, so I said, "Why not?" The photo is my son. I did the amazingly basic photoshop work with the text tool. I R SMRT. Since 4 people read this blog, including me and my dog, I have no qualms about self-promoting. Also, why should we ever be ashamed to self-promote? Shouldn't we assume that people who subscribe to a feed or check in on a blog or follow someone, want to know more about what they're doing and might be excited to hear about things they are involved in? I sure hope so. That's how I am with the people I read/follow/stalk. Wait. Not stalk. Stop talking, Shane. Stop effing talking. Here's the flyer....


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