Sunday, April 09, 2006

a golden coin reflects the sun

Will Campbell, one of my co-bloggers at (and our esteemed city captain, yarrgh!) lives in Silverlake, which is a truly wonderful community that wraps around the hills just east of Hollywood around Los Feliz.

On Wednesday of last week, Will got an e-mail about a murder in his neighborhood, and he went to investigate.
I gave some thought as to why I was here. What is it that draws me on these goose chases searching through the aftermaths of violence and death? Certainly the proximity of the crimes to where I live is a strong factor as is my obvious curiosity. Sure, I'll even admit to something of a morbid fascination.

But there's something more to this pilgrimage. There's a basic need to seek out and bear whatever witness I can. Though it might be nothing more than a strictly symbolic gesture, it is important for me to stand and recognize the location of the horrible waste of a life.

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