Friday, March 31, 2006

MySpace deletes 200,000 "objectionable" pages. So what?

MySpace is making a very big deal about deleting 200,000 so-called "objectionble" pages. It seems like a big deal, until you look a little closer.
This is a very smart public relations and business move by MySpace, but that's all it is. This move isn't made to protect The Children(tm) as much as it is designed to appease advertisers and parents, and stall the inevitable election-year congressional investigation. A lot of parents will hear this story, decide that MySpace is now completely safe for their teenagers, and continue to remain uninvolved in their kids' Internet activities. MySpace's advertisers will be happy because they now have plausible deniability when accused of being associated with content many parents find objectionable. Bravo, MySpace! Way to keep your market value safe and secure.
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